Buying a rug isn’t easy, At Knots & Crafts we not only provide you with a digital market place to buy your Rugs, we make sure that our expert opinion and guidelines are there for you so that you can make the necessary purchase in accordance to the Size, Theme & quality of the rug.

Firstly, you have to ask yourself basic questions as to why you are purchasing a rug. Is it for decorative use, functional use, is the area high or low traffic? This would help you with determining the size and type of rug.

Next, let’s indulge with the mood or style that you would like in a rug. What theme are you looking for? Perhaps a rug with an old world theme, something reminding you of knights and kings with their grandeur in a castle, or maybe classic but not too fussy referred to as transitional, something dressy, a formal look, or something more casual and comfy or a modernistic approach.

Finally, it is essential to take care of the rug you have purchased. Buying a rug is like buying a piece of artwork, decision should be personal and emotional. So buy the rug that you love. Don’t create financial limitations but use your budget to narrow your selection.

Scroll down to browse through our expert opinion on which size will be perfect for you and how you should take care of the precious rug you have just purchased.


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