Buying a rug isn’t easy, At Knots & Crafts we not only provide you with a digital market place to buy your Rugs, we make sure that our expert opinion and guidelines are there for you so that you can make the necessary purchase in accordance to the Size, Theme & quality of the rug.

Firstly, you have to ask yourself basic questions as to why you are purchasing a rug. Is it for decorative use, functional use, is the area high or low traffic? This would help you with determining the size and type of rug.

Next, let’s indulge with the mood or style that you would like in a rug. What theme are you looking for? Perhaps a rug with an old world theme, something reminding you of knights and kings with their grandeur in a castle, or maybe classic but not too fussy referred to as transitional, something dressy, a formal look, or something more casual and comfy or a modernistic approach.

Finally, it is essential to take care of the rug you have purchased. Buying a rug is like buying a piece of artwork, decision should be personal and emotional. So buy the rug that you love. Don’t create financial limitations but use your budget to narrow your selection.

Scroll down to browse through our expert opinion on which size will be perfect for you and how you should take care of the precious rug you have just purchased.


Buying Guide

Conversation areas:

8×10, 9×12, 10×14, and larger size rugs to be used as the platform staging area for the room. These sizes will help complement and bring symmetry to main focus in a room, such as large fireplace, windows, wall units, and larger scale furniture placement. Open arm chairs, motion furniture, and ottomans work best when placed fully on the rug.

Dining areas:

Here the Shape of the room is as important as choosing a rug to compliment it such as the shape of the table and number of chairs should directly affect the rug size. 18 to 24 inches of rug is recommended beyond the back legs of the chairs to allow for easy chair movement.A 8×10 size can accommodate up to six chairs, 9×12 size up to eight chairs, and 10×14 size up to ten chairs

Traffic areas:

Foyer entry – Probably most difficult area for determining the size. Typically smaller size rug is placed at the entrance for practicality, and a larger size is used as focal point decorative element for the foyer. 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, short runners are mostly used at the entry. 5×8, 6×9, 8×10, and round and square shapes maybe used as the main focus for the foyer.


The bed is probably the main focus of this room; hence the rug needs to be complementary or secondary element to the bed and bedding ensemble. Rugs look best when placed in perpendicular direction to the bed. Placement should be about one (1) foot away from the nightstand or the bed itself.


Runners are mostly used for hallways. Various sizes available to conform the size of your hallway.
Please do not rush into making a decision. Buy your rugs one room at a time. We advised you to go for the larger room size area rugs first, and then on to the smaller accent size area rugs.

Color of the rug:

Remember when choosing the color of the rug, it is not necessary that the entire rug should match the color of the room, however at least one color should be in accordance with it. A color that coordinates with the décor of the room is of more importance.

Lightly Colored rugs such as Beiges, White, and Creams etc. make a room seem more spacious.
Darkly Colored rugs such as Chocolate brown, Black & Navy makes the room more intimate and cozy.
Warm Colored rugs such as Red, Gold & Yellow give the room energy and should be used where there is more traffic.
Cool Colored Rugs such as Blue, Green, and Grey makes the room more relaxant and should be used for more personal rooms like Bedrooms and bathrooms.

Design of the Rug:

After color, Design should be your next area of focus. With endless designs it is easy for you to get confused. However, if the design is contemporary or traditional, both styles should account for your self-expression and taste.

Traditionally designed rugs are the ones you can use if you want a more vintage approach to your room such as Bokhara. For a more modern setting we advise for a more geometric pattern such as vertical or horizontal lines. It is important to remember that either the color or the pattern should be in sync with each other. This helps to create cohesion within your decor.

Rug Care and Maintenance

Wool and fiber used in making majority of rugs is commonly known as a magical fiber. It is the natural source for Lanolin which acts as repellent to prevent rugs from being easily soiled. The hand-knotted construction, each knot being tied by hand one at time, allows for damaged areas to be reconstructed and refurbished by skilled rug artisans.

Don’t over vacuum. Use the air suction attachment, or the higher level of the rotary brush of your vacuum cleaner. One of the best ways is to sweep a rug by using a broom.

Turn your rug over once a year and vacuum the backside.

If there is a need, say after 3 to 5 years, have your rugs washed by a professional. Every 7 to 10 years is the average cleaning cycle.

Liquid spillage scenario, please clean immediately. Use an absorbent white towel to blot the spilled area. DO NOT RUB. Rinse the spilled area with cold water or club soda, and blot again. Dry the area by placing an empty bowl under the spill area and let it air dry.

Rotate your rug twice a year for even wear.

If your rug is stored, keep it moth-proofed wrapped. It is best for rugs to be stored in climate controlled environment.

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